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Capital Market & Crypto Investor Funds

All funds and technology are structured to provide balanced yield against
risk returns based on private and institutional investor dynamics.

Crypto Funds

High yield crypto hedge funds trading is Forex, Futures & CFDs.

Capital Market Funds

Accredited investor funds in Forex, Futures, Stocks, ETFs & High Frequency Trading.

Fintech & Startups

Hedge fund methodologies, fintech, fund launch and trading platforms.


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Our Services

We focus on the capital markets however as part of our services can also provide access
to institutional hedge fund technology and crypto market funds.

About Stonebridge

We are leading agents specialising in
balanced risk investing via capital markets.

Stonebridge works with the leading hedge funds in the capital markets, managing assets for a specific capital and return ranges. Via their expertise and access to the Tesseract Methodology funds are balanced for optimal returns eliminating elevated risk associated with high yield.

  • We guide optimal fund placement via capital and returns.
  • Our experience allows us to split capital across funds.
  • Worldwide assets include stocks, futures, forex, bonds.

The Tesseract Methodology and Architecture was designed to scale from High Frenquency Trading to $multi-billion Capital Market investments, our access to this technology allows us to monitor fund performance working with investors to optimise returns while balancing liquidity and risk.

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